Are additives added to cereals?

Are additives added to cereals?

Intermediate tantrums from my 4 year old for eating a cereal, 3 times a day, made me stop and think. What was so special about it that he fussed about eating it for every meal. In western countries and the gulf, fitting a cereal into our morning schedule is the easiest option.Unlike how we have it in the sub continent- a full fledged breakfast , most of us here opt for cereals and oats during weekdays.

Though all the cereals have a label of extra added minerals and vitamins, we don’t realize that the actual nutrient are ripped off and it is instead coated with sugar and most likely additives. A few months back i had started into a no cereal at home routine. It was working quite well. But they are odd days, juggling with 3 kids, where it becomes difficult to make a breakfast or oats in the morning. So for emergency situations i had bought a couple of cereals.

But the moment the cereal comes to home, i realized that the kids are not satisfied eating it just as the morning meal. As soon as my son steps off the nursery bus, he asks me if he can eat the cereal, which he has given a single name for all different brands, for lunch. And the moment I say that we can have it in the evening, he starts his tantrums. Even after having his favorite meal, the next thing he is asking is for the cereal. This intrigued me as to what was so special about it.Apparently the days I have taken it, I was not very happy. From the time my kids are small I have not allowed them to buy cereals with cocoa content, as I feel they will become hyper. Then what was so special about the dried pieces of corn or wheat.And it dawned on me that there is a good chance addictive additives are being added.

When we were young, I have heard that the energy booster drinks added to milk had additives. Since i was used to drinking plain milk from childhood, i adopted the same policy with my kids. But to my dismay the cereals which most of us give to our kids are made on the same lines. And if we notice, every kid is addicted to a particular brand of cereal, leaving parents with no option but to buy it for them.Its amazing seeing brand royalty on the part of such young ones.

As we are looking at healthier alternatives for lunch and dinner, we often dismiss breakfast options under the carpet. But we have to realize that the breakfast is the powerhouse for ourselves and our kids to go ahead with our morning tasks with vigor and concentration. We need to look into simple but power packed alternatives.

Some quick and easy options;

Oats with semi sweet chocolate chips for fussy kids

Wheat or oat pancakes.

Dosa, idli or uppama.

Egg or chicken sandwiches made in wholemeal bread



Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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