Our faith is stronger than your bullets

New Zealand, a country depicting calm and serenity, was rained with bullets. Bullets on human values, ideals and colour. Bullets on a belief system,which is built upon patience ,forbearance and acceptance. Watching the grave scene unfold, had a deep impact on all of us. Everytime I lay in bed I could envisage myself lying in

Our squeezed out generation

It’s not quite a novel fact that we belong to a hybrid generation. This fact has well sunken down most of us and we are trying to squeeze in the middle of two groups of undeniably different type of people. We are the strong unwavering bridge between a very orthodox past and a very happening

When we are being VAT-rified

Welcoming the year 2018 in Dubai, had a whole mixed set of perspectives. We were being immersed into the world of taxation, which we have commonly heard and even been a part of  in our home countries. But enjoying the tax free luxuries of this country and letting go off that blessing was quite difficult

Raise your voice above the storm- ROHINGYA

Wiping people off the face of the earth is nothing new. It’s been from the traditions of the past- from Chengez Khan to Hitler. Acquisition of land , power and authority is a greed instilled in most people in high authority. And such historical events cant be changed or rewritten. But what can be changed,is

The paradox of living healthy

Enter 21st century..From the fat seemingly unhealthy aunty living next door to the fittingly fierce girl at the gym, all have only one say – staying healthy. Living healthy is the new mantra. Every person has a new advice to offer and apparently everyone seems profoundly well versed in doing so. So now when there

Are women in par with men?

As the world is geared in celebrating woman’s day, I personally feel that alloting a single day to CELEBRATE HER is undermined. Woman are the core of our being and society. We have to acknowledge this everyday of the year. I am not a feminist and dont believe that men and woman are equal- becuase