Are additives added to cereals?

Intermediate tantrums from my 4 year old for eating a cereal, 3 times a day, made me stop and think. What was so special about it that he fussed about eating it for every meal. In western countries and the gulf, fitting a cereal into our morning schedule is the easiest option.Unlike how we have

Insights from a day at the hospital.

A visit to the hospital is one of the most disturbing things that anyone can go through- Be it for a routine check up or for any treatment – the anxiety and disquietude is there. If u are sick, the pain weighs u down and if its a check up there is an apprehensiveness of

Are Relationships facing Commitment qualms?

There has been a leap of change in the the social structure over the past decade. What was considered a taboo just a decade ago is the latest fad in the upcoming generations – live in relationships. Well, that i consider should be renamed a commitment crisis. Talking about almost half a decade back, we

U.A.E- The spirit of love and harmony

Commemorating U.A.E National Day! U.A.E – A little country on the edge of the Arabian gulf is now standing parallel with the world giants. As kids we never knew about U.A.E, it was always known as Dubai or the gulf. We moved to Dubai before I turned 8. My memories of the place was of

Is this a Journalism Nemesis?

As a growing girl, I was very intrigued by the media. It appealed to me at a very young age. Unlike today, there were a handful of news channels. And the fact that we used to get a glimpse of the happenings around the world fascinated me. I used to wake up to the smell of