Insights from a day at the hospital.

A visit to the hospital is one of the most disturbing things that anyone can go through- Be it for a routine check up or for any treatment – the anxiety and disquietude is there. If u are sick, the pain weighs u down and if its a check up there is an apprehensiveness of finding some malady.

The only people I have found to experience joy on being in the hospital are new parents, who discover the joy of holding their new born. The only place where the bliss of love and happiness  can be felt, even amidst the cries of babies, is the maternity ward. Apart from that i find the hospital a place of gloom, where most faces are sullen. Worried parents holding their sick kids, children wheeling in their elderly parents  and distraught family members is what you can sight.

But in spite of all this gloom what astounds me is the sense of love and giving that can be witnessed. I have not seen  this kind of an encompassing love and care from near and dear ones except at weddings. The ‘i want you to get well soon’ can be clearly felt in the air. Every hand that holds the other has a tenderness to it. Every unmoved lip has a silent prayer. Every glance holds a sense of hope.

Looking from another outlook,i find that the hospitals of today are unlike the ones earlier on.They have become an institution to make money. Even if u go for the slightest problem, a series of unnecessary tests and diagnosis are prescribed. The more the problem, the merrier it gets for money making. Even the problems which have been determined by the doctor, require additional tests for confirmation . If u go in with a cough, they would require a chest x-ray, a head ache a series of blood tests and the list goes on. There are more specialists today but less expertise. I remember when i was young i used to go to a very old doctor in his dingy little clinic. But his experience would speak volumes. One look and he would tell the problem. I don’t remember the pricks for the blood tests or the x-rays. But i remember getting back on my feet very soon. I wish that we could see more during modern day .

Even though the facilities are getting better, the health issues are also increasing alarmingly. When i am at the hospital , seeing the list of specialists shocks me. Back in the day, we didn’t have such a big list of super qualified doctors when we used to visit hospitals and moreover such visits used to be very rare. But its not the quantity but the dedication that is missing. Yes, I agree that medical science has taken rapid leaps over the past few decades and there are  doctors who have spent their entire lives dedicated to the advancement of medicine and the specialized treatment of many. But there has been also a rise in the number of doctors who stand by many hospitals assisting them in their rapid money making scheme. This is because many don’t take the Hippocratic oath as a sacred covenant.

Be it the biggest hospital or the cheapest ones, there is a sickly smell there. From the sound of coughs to the sight of broken legs and broken hearts , all can be found under one roof. Even the person who can afford the best treatment, would despise going go the doctor.

Health is a sign of actual success. Preserving it and caring for it pays a lot in the future. As the saying goes health is wealth , so is also the fact that health is happiness, success and peace of mind.


Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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