Can we save the daughters of India ? Justice for Asifa

Our huge country has been jostled, shaken and shamed by the recent Asifa banu rape case. The reason for this is not only because an eight year old minor was raped but because of the gory details, the political agendas and the religious bigotry surrounding it. The involvement of the  certain members of the police department in this and the involvement of some politicians, who have mouthed justification to this, makes it as worse as it can get

According to statistics an average of 100 woman are raped in India everyday. The average has been increasing steadily over the years and it wont come down until we stand up. Nymphomaniacs exist in every society, city and street.They have lost their mental reasoning and have fallen down to the lowest levels of existence. But most of them  walk scott free as many cases are not reported because of the social taboo and the involvement of higher authorities in some cases ,making the society again a vulnerable playground for the rapists. The victims are often left alone to nurture a lifetime of scars and walk into their lives shaken with distrust, hatred and odium over the society.

The recent Nirbahya case has caused us to wake up from our illusionary hibernation we were in,  because of its savage and brutal nature. It caused us to realize that our woman are not safe anymore but are viewed as prey by the perverts and animals living around us. But the Asifa Bano has made us realize that humanity can at times fall so shallow that it would be sickening even to call these criminal as humans. The mastermind behind such a ghastly crime is the caretaker of a temple, a place considered too holy for even the smallest of sins. A person who is entrusted with taking care of the place of worship could not show compassion even to a small, young soul.Her only fault was that she was a Muslim girl, who moved with her  nomadic parents and community,  herded sheep and cared for the horses. She live with fearlessness in this cruel society not knowing that she was shadowed by demons who would steal her very breath away.  The abduction, rape and murder of Asifa shows how monsters also live among us, covering their hideous faces with masks of  religion. How can religion exist when humanity has been removed from it’s base. Religion should be the reason to bring out the best in us as humans, spreading peace and love and removing dissipation , disorder and detestation.

Also the involvement of some members of the police, shows how we need to be more vigilant and we have to ourselves stand up to protect our society and our girls.We cannot expect to be given protection from any part of the social hierarchy. As the society is progressing beyond limits , the nature of human beings has stooped to an unimaginable level of degradation giving rise to pedophiles, rapists, criminals and murderers alike. Justice has to be served to the people who have been scarred and tormented by these  layers of scum . And this will not happen till we hold hands together and form a shield around us into which these perpetrators cannot penetrate.

Asifa should be given justice and the culprits must be tormented and tortured before they are hanged. This needs to serve as a warning to all the savages living among us, that India’s daughters are to be treated with respect , honor and love or else they will have to pay a hefty price for it. Asifa left before she become a part of us but her memory will be honored  and we have to make her the reason to protect many such young souls, who will otherwise fall prey to religious prejudice and communal hatred

#justice for our daughter #justice for Asifa




Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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  • Soumi Koshy
    April 19, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Not even 1 more Asifa ever — she is our daughter too —