Who is pulling the trigger? Insights on media and terrorism!

The recent escalation in terrorist activities has created a furore in the society. Such acts need condemnation but far more the reason behind has to be understood and tackled with. Every day new laws are passed but that has not curbed the acts of terrorism a bit.

But I am not writing about why these acts are happening and how to prevent them. But I would like to highlight the part of media in it. Most acts of terrorism are given a highlight exhibiting the part of a particular religious faith or radical agents by many media magnates.

I am very much confounded by a few claims made by them. Like many suicide bomber’s passports have been found at the site of the bombing. Questions to be asked are 1) was the suicide bomber planning to take a run,  catch a flight and leave the country after the attack or 2) I wonder if the passport was made of fire proof, bomb proof materials that remain intact enough to show the name, religion and country of the attacker, who himself has been blown to bits or 3) was the bomber carrying it as a good luck symbol. These things are just a blown up propaganda by certain people to drive things out of proportion. We can’t hope that the bomber can just come alive to affirm this.

Another thing that baffles me is the as soon as an attack is done, many radical organizations are upfront to claim the attack. Well thugs, thieves, rapists and the evil always exist in the underground , rarely showing their ugly face to the public. Any person who does the smallest of evil, even steals a pen – hates that his identity be known. I know there are many evil radical organization who can get free publicity from these events, but in many case i think its just an uproar put forth from the haters.

The recent attack in Las Vegas serves as a solid example where an act by a very apparent psychopath, has been given a religious twist. The man who was raised by a notorious bank robber, with no proper childhood and grown up to be a hardcore gambler, is claimed by haters to be a muslim. The FBI have denied such allegations but it appears that the radical organization, claiming it, decides that the attack has been deadly enough to gain some recognition . So the killer apparently became a Muslim a few months back and leaves no trace of such conversion with anyone, goes on with his usual life and gambling. As a Muslim, he decides that the only thing he can do to serve the religion is to kill concert goers. It can’t get any crazier than this. Very clearly its the work of a lunatic and it should be accepted that way

As we step out each day into the world , we are enveloped with fear and uneasiness,which never existed a few decades back. Our tiny little hearts have enough worry and disquiet to crush and crumble it. Why do we need to add to its burdens, by pinpointing to groups and religions, spreading more hatred, anger and vice.

Creating unseen barricades among people, dividing them into sects and groups and unleashing anger on certain religions will only increase the disaster we are facing. Lets stop these discriminations and worthless behaviour and color this world with love and peace.


Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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  • Mercy D'Costa
    October 28, 2017 at 4:05 am

    Well written Sana. Yet another feather to your cap. Keep going dear. Mercy