Raise your voice above the storm- ROHINGYA

Wiping people off the face of the earth is nothing new. It’s been from the traditions of the past- from Chengez Khan to Hitler. Acquisition of land , power and authority is a greed instilled in most people in high authority. And such historical events cant be changed or rewritten.

But what can be changed,is the age old persecution of minorities and the helpless. This is an act of extreme cowardice and timidity. When u want an entire genre of beings to be eliminated, knowing thoroughly they are powerless apart from being harmless, this shows extreme inhumanity.

The whole world is crying pleas of animal rights, where animals can’t even understand their pleas. The world is split in sects over minor issues and differences. But when it comes to greatest act of bravery and accomplishment of giving a fellow human being the right to live, people have kept their voices echoing to themselves.

Keep aside religious differences. It is quite clear that we all on the planet have been created by a single Power. If we to be created by different God’s then definately we would have some differences in our appearances ,our body’s creation and movements. I cant find the hand of a hindu to be different from that of a christain . The stomach, heart and lungs of muslims, parsis and jews are fit precisely in the same place in our bodies. Even two cooks can’t make the exact same curry. So can’t we sense that we are a single creation, created to live on Earth in unity

We have to realize that this single power has created us and created every thing in existence. We didn’t create the planet earth but we have inherited it and ultimately We will leave it. Then how can anyone determine if any human should live or die. How can people shut their eyes to such geonocides and move on as if nothing is happening.None of us are superior or inferior. We are a part of the same family- the human family.

When the authorities try to wipe out a sect ,they forget that it will lead to uprising of 5 more of such sects and people. The more hatred is spread the more it results in uprising and revolution. To discover that people who cant even live a basic life are put to such brutality day in day out, shows the disaster our world is heading to.

ROHINGYA- a name we havent heard much but are one of the most perscuted communities in the world.And they are persecuted by none other than a leader, who has seen persecution, hatred and brutality herself. So what killed the humanity in her. What destroyed the sense that kept her alive inside the walls of her house. Sometimes the need for power becomes so high that it blinds you in your face from seeing the suffering that you’ve lived through before.

If her silence is the price she is paying to keep her political position, its too heavy a price. A name that stood by with resilience to the suffering of the people of Myanmar has now turned as a reason for the suffering of its minorities. A name that was once honored and looked up to , has fallen into the debris of the earth with humiliation. A country that cannot protect the honor of its people and keep it united, is still shackled and not free. Freedom of a country is when its people can wake up without fear from its own authorities.

Discrimination isn’t inherited, it is taught. We need to stop and realize that they are humans too ,living life in all that they’ve got. This kind of ethnic cleansing has to stop and we can’t help them till we unite and take a stance on it. We need to raise our voices above the storm. We need to know that sometimes the blackest of people have the whitest of hearts and vice versa. We need to look into our hearts . We need cleanse the hatred and malice in it

None of us are getting out of this planet alive but we can keep the planet alive with our humanity. We need to love without prejudice. We have come into the world in peace. The least we can do is to raise our voices against the atrocities that are being perpetrated on it and leave it with peace.


Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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