The paradox of living healthy

Enter 21st century..From the fat seemingly unhealthy aunty living next door to the fittingly fierce girl at the gym, all have only one say – staying healthy. Living healthy is the new mantra. Every person has a new advice to offer and apparently everyone seems profoundly well versed in doing so.

So now when there are gatherings, the talk has toned down from gossips to health tips. Open social media and we get to witness such mind boggling videos and articles about healthy living.

But its such a paradox ,that i believe after all the hearsay, it would be best to go back into stone age. Waking up to fresh air, growing your own fruits and vegetables, hormone free meat and a radiation free environment. Dosen’t it strike a chord. Yes it does. This is what our ancestors lived with.

So with all the technological development, fast food and fast life all we hear is about tapering down and going organic. With the rapid increase in diseases, health and psychological issues, the idea of fitness and health has hit in like a storm. We can talk alot about being healthy , share videos but are we ready to go backward in time. Are we ready to take a glimpse of life in the past ?

While the food industry is exploiting this scenario by introducing healthy and organic versions of eatables at exorbitant prices, the mass of the people are unable to comprehend what to eat and what not to. I awake one morning to read an article about the benefits of a particular food and the next day to my amazement there is another contradicting article on the same thing, showing that it could cause life threatneing diseases.

So what do we do now to live fit?Do we all start a little farm at home and raise poultry. Do we start trying to fill our minds with a labyrinth of health tips, creating a daze of ideas without an idea of how to implement it. Its just a mind game. We need to go about how our body works. Each person has a different set of clock-wire inside the body and we can’t be on the same base line as everyone. Be healthy the way it fits us. Try to fit in those things which is easy to follow, without stressing on the ones that can’t be done. Sometimes it takes just one thing done rightfully than a whole lot of things done haphazardly to lead to healthy life. So we need to tune our bodies taking in the best of what we can and believing in it wholeheartedly that we are doing our best, to live a healthy life


Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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  • Mercy D'Costa
    September 11, 2017 at 5:26 am

    Excellent writing dear Sana. Love your style and easy flow of words. Yes, you have given us food for thought. Keep that pen busy. I am your fan. Look forward to your next article. God bless. Lots of luv. Aunty Mercy

    • sana
      September 12, 2017 at 8:08 am

      Thank u mercy aunty. I am so happy to have heard such encouraging words from u 😊

  • Reenu Gulati
    September 12, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    Hi. My name is Reenu Gulati, a friend of Mercy. She forwarded your blog to me. Loved it. Very well written

    • sana
      September 12, 2017 at 2:34 pm

      Thank u reenu aunty for ur lovely feedback !