Are we leaving a legacy of hatred and violence to our children?

Waking up and starting the day with horrific hate crimes is reaching a state of normalcy these days . And what is more appalling is these crimes are justified by an absolute ridiculous reason-From beef eating to road rage to parking issues. But the absolute truth which cannot be veiled,is the fact that the crimes are based on religious and ethnic hatred. No amount of justification can deny that.

I am absolutely disgusted by the way the current scenario is changing in india. Muslims are now known as beef eaters and that is a good reason to be lynched and killed. I wonder if the victims and the minority just started eating beef or if the perpetrators of this  violence have just realised the sanctity of cows. I mean this gives people enough reason to kill each other,so we can start a chain of violence aiming to wipe out the other sect. Right now this doesn’t sound too far fetched.

I have spent many years in india and have enjoyed absolute peace with my friends from other religions. We have grown respecting each others religious sentiments and have never tried to tread into each others paths especially relating to religion and culture. Sharing from same tiffin boxes , eating school lunch with vegetarians, being invited to birthday parties with halal food so we could enjoy too, is a part of our childhood memories. I remember my mom spending the entire day of eid making biryani and sheer khurma for our neighbours who were  mostly hindus and christians. And we on the other hand used to get a box of sweets on diwali and plum cake on christmas.

But I can’t be sure that the kids of the coming generations will make the same memories. We knew the meaning of unity in diversity but I doubt the kids can ever even grasp the greatness in it. Igniting such sparks will lead to such fires whose flames and smoke will reach far and wide,if we do not put a stop to it  right now.

I do not believe every religion is equal. To say that will be a crime on my part. But I can say this hands down and I firmly believe in it- EACH HUMAN BEING IS EQUAL. Every person is not just a name or a number but he is an individual soul created by God in all uniqueness and He alone holds the right to take him back from this earth. We aren’t sent to judge people nor do we have the right to govern them.

I say to all those people who do these things in the name of religion- TELL ME ONE RELIGION WHICH TELLS US IT IS ALLOWED TO KILL ONE ANOTHER FOR ANY REASON  WHATSOEVER EXCEPT BY LEGAL RIGHT. I ask these haters to first go and learn about their religion in detail and then go out searching for innocent passers by to carry out their heinous crimes.To every person who justifies  lynching and killing an innocent person or blowing up parks and markets in the name of  religious sanctity to bring out a verse or script in their religious books justifying it.In Islam to save a life is to save the entire humanity and to kill a life,without legal right, is  to kill  the entire humanity.


We spend our days talking about a cleaner environment, but we are  covering it with the blood of innocent humans. We talk about animal rights, but humans are treated worse than animals. We talk about giving good education to our kids, but  we are giving them violence, hatred and inhumanity as inheritance. WE NEED TO STOP THIS MAYHEM WITH OUR ACTIONS, WORDS AND HEART. We need to clean the earth from the spilling of innocent blood for whatever justification or reason

In honour of Junaid, Nabra and all those beautiful souls whose lives where cut short because of poisoned hearts.





Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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