Are women in par with men?

As the world is geared in celebrating woman’s day, I personally feel that alloting a single day to CELEBRATE HER is undermined. Woman are the core of our being and society. We have to acknowledge this everyday of the year. I am not a feminist and dont believe that men and woman are equal- becuase they aren’t.

Each of us have been created for a special unique role which if the opposite gender tries to enact will cause an imbalance in the natural environment. Woman form the centre of the home. No man in whatever sense can replace a woman. The love of a mother, comfort of a wife and the joy of a daughter cannot be,in every broad sense, expereinced elsewhere.

Just appreciating the fact that God chose us to be the  bearers of the future genertaion, should be enough reason to elevate our status in the society. The womb that gives rise to the future lies within us.We are the link that connects all the scattered pieces together.

Man and woman have been created with a natural disposition to fulfil separate  specific roles and if we say that we can completely justify playing the role of the opposite gender it will be very naive on our side.

Spending a day at the hospital, i came home to realize that the house survived but definately it had been ripped apart. The clothes and dirty dishes were strewn all over. Kids toys were splattered all over the floor. My husband managed to look after the kids and i am thankful to him for that but he, like many other, definately could not look after the house. Struggling with a tired and weak body, I spent the entire next day tidying up the place as it quite din’t feel home.This was much to husband’s annoyance as he could not determine what was so messed up.

And I am not here to say we are superwomen. We need the support of the opposite sex to go on.  In simple sense without them we cant  even lift a 30 kg baggage and put it on the conveyor belt. Travelling alone a few times my eyes have scanned around the baggage claim section hoping to find some kind gentleman to lend me a hand with my luggage.There are so many instances when a woman would struggle to get things done without the support of a man.

We shouldn’t try to be parallel with the opposite sex. But we should try to get past our own weakness and shortcomings. This definately means that women need good education, jobs, and a good environment with unconstrained possibilites. But she dosen’t deserve that to be in par with men. She deserves it because of who she is- a giver,a warrior, a forgiver and an icon of love

Acknowledging the fact that we are the reason for the happiness and well being of so many around us, should make us proud. Our empowerment and free spirit dosen’t come from the words and actions of others but from within ourselves. We radiate joy and profilerate happiness around us. We are a complete symbol of every emotion that exists.


Sana Reiaz- Jotting down my passion for writing in addition to juggling a highly energetic set of 3 boys and setting aright a madhouse .

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