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Are additives added to cereals?

Intermediate tantrums from my 4 year old for eating a cereal, 3 times a day, made me stop and think. What was so special about it that he fussed about eating it for every meal. In western countries and the gulf, fitting a cereal into our morning schedule is the easiest option.Unlike how we have

Insights from a day at the hospital.

A visit to the hospital is one of the most disturbing things that anyone can go through- Be it for a routine check up or for any treatment – the anxiety and disquietude is there. If u are sick, the pain weighs u down and if its a check up there is an apprehensiveness of

Are Relationships facing Commitment qualms?

There has been a leap of change in the the social structure over the past decade. What was considered a taboo just a decade ago is the latest fad in the upcoming generations – live in relationships. Well, that i consider should be renamed a commitment crisis. Talking about almost half a decade back, we